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Kuşadası wait for you with its historical beauties, magnificient sea, unique nature, fresh air.

We suggest that you have to see this small beach town which lives with tourism and agriculture.

Kuşadası is 71 km from Aydın city center in a place where the Aegean coast meets with the sea. It is in the middle of the touristic area limited with İzmir, Ephesus, Mother Mary House, Milet, Didima, Pamukkale, Marmaris, Bodrum. At the northside,you see Selçuk, Pamukkale, at the South peninsula dilek. Kuşadası harbor is the second most important sea door for the tourists who come to Samos.
When you come at Kuşadası, you must go certainly:

  • Caravanserail,
  • Island of Bird,
  • Cruise and yacht harbour,
  • Efes Antique City,
  • Seven Sleepers,
  • Şirince,
  • Peninsula Dilek and National Park.
  • You can take excursion with yacht.
  • You can enter to the sea at our beach.
  • You can dive under the sea.
  • You can take your breakfast at Village of Kirazlı.
  • You can eat fish at Karina.